Buddy Rack Side Glass Carrier 2-Lite Glass Rack for Glass Transport

    A special 2-lite glass rack that mounts to the side of the vehicle for oversized glass. A new glass rack design for installers that drive vans and/or trucks with shells. The side buddy rack is a professional looking side-mounted glass rack system that is easy to install, takes seconds to mount/remove and adds capacity. Accommodates more glass, odd and over size glass, or in-house pre-loading for quick delivery.

    The Side Buddy Rack is constructed of heavy gauge steel, is powder coated and padded with protective plastic. The rack attaches to the frame of the vehicle using a top mount or attaches directly to the luggage rack frame. The glass is secured with easy-to-use glass tie downs and the rack can be removed and replaced in seconds.

    Traditionally large windows such as RV windows have been a problem for vans and trucks with shells. The Side Buddy Rack eliminates this constraint and provides added flexibility without expensive modifications.

    WARNING – Do not exceed 55 mph with the Side Buddy Rack.

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