4 1/2″ Serrated Edge Long Knife Blade RKB-472

Heavy-duty angled Serrated blades are extra-thick for tough jobs. Made from high carbon steel, PipeKnife Long Knife Blades last longer, cut faster, and work in tight spots better than average utility blades. Can also be used as a Saw Blade.

This heavy-duty serrated blade is used for extreme needs. This heavy-duty carbon steel blade can be resharpened and used for many applications.

We stock many types of standard and specialty blades. They are interchangeable and can be used in all cutout knives. Blades include the Heavy-Duty angled serrated blade that can be resharpened, long serrated and heavy-duty utility blades that can reach into deep cracks and crevices, and the standard heavy-duty blade which comes in a very handy dispenser package of 10 blades.

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