Irwin Bi-Metal BLUE BLADE™ Utility Blades

Features patented Bi-Metal technology that sets new standards of performance. Spring steel body delivers superior flexibility to prevent breaking. High speed steel cutting edge stays sharp longer. Fits most utility knives. One of the highest quality blades and most popular in the AGR industry.

We stock many types of standard and specialty blades. They are interchangeable and can be used in all cutout knives. Blades include the Heavy-Duty angled serrated blade that can be resharpened, long serrated and heavy-duty utility blades that can reach into deep cracks and crevices, and the standard heavy-duty blade which comes in a very handy dispenser package of 10 blades.

P/N: BB5 (5 Pack)
P/N: BB20 (20 Pack)
P/N: BB50 (50 Pack)
P/N: BB100 (100 Pack)

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