Power Advance Cold Knife PACK

Invented by a an autoglass installer who was in physical pain from using standard cold knifes, the Power Advance design is the best ergonomic design of any cold knife on the market. Utilizing a simple interlocking Y- and T-handle design the Power Advance eliminates the traditional twisting of the barrel of the cold knife and provides maximum pitch control of the blade. Once the technician adjusts to the new feel of the Power Advance, they will find control of the blade is managed with the lightest touch with the interlocking handle feature, the technician can actually pull or push with one hand, extending the reach over 14” from a standard cold knife.

The Power Advance also features the simplest quick-change feature of any product on the market. With a simple ¼ turn of the T-handle, the blade is released and can be repositioned at any length providing a fully-adjustable blade length.

An added benefit of the blade holder chamber is the capability to use a standard cold knife blade, a standard utility blade or a variety of other specialty blades.

This is simply the most versatile, ergonomic cold knife on the market – a must for every AGR technician.

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