RK-500 Push Button Cold Knife Quick Release

The original push button Cold Knife! Patented design locks blades in securely, yet releases with only a push of your thumb – making windshield removal easier than ever before. No clips, screws, hinges or other securing devices will slow you down.

Textured grip for better stability and comfort.

  • Coated to prevent damage to car parts.
  • Uses all 3/4″ Shank Cold Knife blades.
  • Includes one RKB-10-S/S Cold Knife Blade.
  • Patent #6,256,889.

Blades can be installed and released in seconds, making the quick release series of cold knives the best option if you use many different cold knife blades. Plus, you can utilize the RSB-2 Urethane Trim Blade and other Reid Scraper Blades without the need for additional handles.

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