The SettingMate™

The SettingMate™ includes a glide system, setting block and attachment tools.

The glide and setting blocks simply attach to the cowl frame and can be setup in under a minute. The glide is used by placing the bottom edge of the glas sinto the groove and gliding/sliding the glass into the groove and gliding/sliding the glass during removal or replacement. The glide handles the entire weight of the glass the technician simply pushes/pulls the glass.

The setting blocks are used to properly align the position where the replacement glass needs to be set.

The SettingMate™ can be setup and removed in literaly seconds. The entire kit weights less than 5 pounds and comes in a durable carrying case that measures 12″ x 5″ x 5″ taking up virtually no space in the mobile vehicle. The kit contains 2 glides and 3 setting blocks to accomodate a wide variety of vehicles. Compared with other Windshield Setting Tools that can be bulky, expensive and time consuming to assemble and setup, The SettingMate™ is a simple, affordable, and ergonomic solution.